How Did You Feel About This Performance on the BET Awards?

We love the old school. In fact, we’re doing a show on the best (and worst) remakes ever on Sunday night. So when we we’re writing our show schedule during the BET Awards last night, we couldn’t resist turning up the volume when we saw these ladies come out on stage with Alicia Keys. The problem was, when we turned it up, we couldn’t believe our ears… And then we couldn’t believe our eyes. Check out the performance, and our reactions to it, after the jump…

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Okay. so here are our questions:

1) WTF?!%^@&@!??!?

2) Was it us, or did some of the ladies need girdles? Come ON!!! They make debuts on a major awards show and NOBODY thought, “Hey, maybe we should tone it up a l’il bit…”

3) WTF was up with everyone’s voice? Again, major debut, awards show… Britney Spears flashbacks anyone?

We’re not hatin’, we loved all these groups when they were making strings of hits… But seriously, shouldn’t they know, after their EXTREMELY successful stints in the industry, how to present themselves a l’il bit better? They young bucks are out… I mean Ciarra performed like 2 or 3 times, and Mary J. has got it together… Wut gives??? jus’ sayin’…


WTF is UP with the Black & White photos before the jump??? And is it just us, or is it kinda hard 2 tell the groups apart… again… jus’ sayin’…

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~ by Miss D. on June 25, 2008.

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