WTF??? Now Bow Wow disses Omarion???

We’re getting kinda sick of this, but since everything REALLY OLD is new again, waxed-dissing seems to be the weapon of choice. Now, a fellow blogger believes that this is an Omarion dis. Bow Wow’s verse starts @ 1:30 in the song, and the “dis” is when he says the line, “tight-jeans-Omarion-Lookin’-boy.” But I’m more concerned about the whole song. WTF is the reason for this foolishness, period? The whole song mentions a lot of names. Is Bow Weezy takin’ the 5¢ route and tryna make the next “How To Rob” record? please. God. NO!!! But we haven’t heard an “above-ground” banga from Snoop’s protégé in quite a while. Hmmmm… Guess we’ll be doing some digging on this one soon… check out the song below…

so. you be the judge…

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~ by Miss D. on July 3, 2008.

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