The Game LOVES his bloody ice…

WTF??? no. seriously… WTF!?!?!??!?!????!

The Game is an ignorant fcuker… I mean, while it should be true that the industry is stepping it’s game up over the Blood Diamond conflict, The Game says that EVERYBODY’S doin’ it, so why shouldn’t I jump off the bridge (and glorify the consequences too)… read on…

Rapper The Game is defending a controversial boast in the lyrics of his new song “Big Dreams.” The Los Angeles-based entertainer brags about having “blood diamonds straight out of Angola” in the song, at a time when many celebrities are urging shoppers not to buy conflict gems.

But The Game insists all of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars wear conflict diamonds, and he isn’t about to pretend rap’s big names are bothered about where their diamonds come from. He says, “I know the negatives of what I said, but the truth is, we’re all wearing blood diamonds, so it ain’t just me. “Do I feel the struggle in Africa? Yeah. Do I think people should be dying over diamonds? No. But it ain’t like I’m the only cat around with a chain on.”

This is probably true, but the problem I see in his statement is the idea that if everyone else does it, it’s okay for him to do it… The truth is, whenever you buy diamonds from anywhere, you can never be sure where the diamonds truly come from, only where they tell you they come from. But someone with enough money to buy as many diamonds as these stars do, they should be more vigilant in seeking out places that can give a little more certification… sheesh…

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~ by Miss D. on July 7, 2008.

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