This is REEEEAAAALLLYYY Gross… but…

Yes. We know. But since this is going to be an upcoming topic on the show, we HAD to post it… We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t… So. Verne Troyer, you know, Mini-Me, has a sex tape. Apparently the guy that stole helped sell Paris Hilton’s sex tape, Kevin Blatt, “got a hold” of the tape and sent it to TMZ. Verne decided to sue TMZ for $20 million dollars… Check out the video and more after the jump…


So anywho… the offending footage that TMZ posted is MINI-MAL @ best!!! (DAMN we’re fast with the one-liners…) Peep it below, followed by a clip from an interview (done by AVN, the Porn people) with the female on the tape, Renae Shrider.

crazy man. crazy.

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~ by Miss D. on July 7, 2008.

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