Bow Weezil clears the air… sort of… we guess…

So, Bow Weez has come out to defend the allegations that the “Lookin’ Boy” verse was about his “homeboy” Omarion… have a taste… And in case you missed it, here’s the song

Bow Wow & Omarion "Face Off" Album

Is this the REAL "Face Off" between Bow Weez & O-meez???

“It just shows you how uptight people are about certain things. The song is a joke record,” Bow [said] of the verse on the remix of Hot Stylz’s punch-line-driven “Lookin’ Boy.”

“Damn, them is tight, you’s a O, Omarion-lookin’ boy,” he says in the song. To make matters worst, at the end of the record, B-Dub adds, “I didn’t know me and you was gonna be going at it. I was just having fun.”

“O is my homeboy, and I even joke with O about how tight he wears his jeans,” Bow added. “He knows how tight his jeans are. That’s my homeboy. Everybody knows how tight Omarion wears his pants. It’s not a secret. So why is everybody jumping on me? It’s a fact. Plus, it’s a joke. So why wouldn’t I joke on my homeboy?”

Bow said his remarks at the very end of the song weren’t aimed at O at all, but another one of his inner circle who rapped on the record. He said the friend — whose vocals were taken off the record — got on the song and joked on him real hard.

okie dokie… we’re still waiting on Omarion’s remix…

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~ by Miss D. on July 16, 2008.

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