4 All of U Dirty Bastards Who Were Waiting 2 C Mini-Me’s Mini-Me…

A scene from the sex tape featuring Verne Troyer and then girlfriend Ranae Shrider.

A scene from the sex tape featuring Verne Troyer and then girlfriend Ranae Shrider.

For all u dirty birds who flocked to see the video we posted… Keep watching the clip, it’ll disappear soon. U guys are so kinky…

Apparently, he settled the lawsuit he filed against Kevin Blatt and TMZ that will prevent the distribution of the sex tape with his former girlfriend Ranae Shrider… read on…

Verne Troyer filed a $20 million lawsuit against porn broker Kevin Blatt, distributor SugarDVD and celebrity gossip Web site TMZ after snippets of the 50-minute tape were released last month.Records show that Blatt and SugarDVD have signed agreements requiring that they get Troyer’s approval before selling or distributing the tape or any images from it. Edwin McPherson, one of Troyer’s attorneys, said the actor has no intention of granting approval.

McPherson said he planned to amend the lawsuit Monday to try to prevent Ranae Shrider, Troyer’s ex-girlfriend, from releasing the tape. Shrider leaked snippets of the tape to TMZ, according to a statement filed in federal court by the site. Shrider indicated that the tape was recorded on her video equipment and that she was a partial owner.

Troyer, who is best-known for his role as Mini-Me in two of the “Austin Powers” movies, has been seeking the return of the tape.

McPherson said other people or companies may also be sued to prevent the tape from being released. Records do not indicate whether U.S. District Judge Philip Gutierrez, who has presided over the case, signed off on the agreements Friday afternoon. But since all parties agreed to them, McPherson said he saw no reason why they wouldn’t be granted. “We achieved our goal,” McPherson said.

The agreements do not place any restrictions on TMZ, which won a judge’s approval to restore an online posting about the tape’s existence after it was originally ordered removed by Gutierrez.

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~ by Miss D. on July 19, 2008.

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