Omarosa says she won the Talkshow SMACKDOWN!!!

Uh oh… Wendy, she’s comin’ for your neck… This is the result of that WILD-OUT fight on Wendy’s show… I can’t WAIT 2 hear what you have to say about this one!!!

Via InTouch Weekly: As one of America’s favorite reality TV villains, Omarosa is used to defending herself, but she went on the offensive during a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. “She’s been talking smack about me for the past five years and she thought I’d go on her show, forgetting about it?” Omarosa, 34, who was promoting her new book, The Bitch Switch, tells In Touch. “She’s been so vicious, she couldn’t have expected a tea party!” The appearance began with a tussle over the book, and the women were soon hurling insults at each other. “I had some expectation that she would try and up her game, but she lowered it. I find it ironic that she would beg and plead me to come on her show and then be rude and unprofessional when I got there,” says Omarosa, who thinks she won this fight with the radio shock jock. “I knocked Wendy out. She’s so used to bullying people, but for the first time, she met her match.” “She definitely has a face for radio,” Omarosa tells In Touch about Wendy, who is best known as a New York DJ but debuted on TV in July.

It’s cool… I talk a lot of shit but I got your back… Female Media Moguls UNITE!!!

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~ by Miss D. on July 30, 2008.

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